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Black full swimming tights.
Fits swimming tights are made of high quality Italian fabrics, which are chlorine-proof and offer protection from UV rays.
The tights are available in 6 sizes:

Sizes Chart:

Please take a moment to look at our size chart - we've changed them recently :-):
Size S  belly 31-33,(79-83 cm),    Hips 36-39 Inch (92-100 cm)
Size M  belly 33-36(83-92 cm),     Hips 38-41 Inch (98-104 cm)
Size L  belly 35.5-38(90-96 cm),   Hips 41-45 Inch (106-114 cm)
Size XL belly 37-40,(94-101 cm),   Hips 44-46.5 Inch (112-118 cm)            
Size XO belly 39-42,(99-107 cm),   Hips 47-49.5 Inch (120-126 cm) 
Size 1X belly 42-44,(107-112 cm),  Hips 49-51 Inch (125-130 cm)               
Size 2X belly 45-48,(114-122 cm),  Hips 51-52.5 Inch(130-134 cm)             
Size 3X belly 48-51,(122-129 cm),  Hips 52.5-55 Inch (134-140 cm)                         

Swimming Tights- Full Length Black

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