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Flowy Swim and and sport Skirt, with leggings(tights). Long skirt, with attached leggings that cover the knees. The skirt is flowy, allowing for lots of movement!

The skirt and tights are about 63-65 cm long.

Fits swim clothes are made of high quality Italian fabrics, which are chlorine-proof and offer protection from UV rays.
Available in plus sizes so all women can enjoy their workouts!

Sizes Chart:
Size S belly 31-33,(79-82 cm), Hips 36-38 Inch (92-98 cm)

Size M belly 33-36(83-92 cm), Hips 38-41 Inch (98-104 cm)

Size L belly 35.5-38(90-96 cm), Hips 41-45 Inch (106-114 cm)

Size XL belly 37-40,(94-101 cm), Hips 44-46.5 Inch (112-118 cm)

Size XO belly 39-42,(99-107 cm), Hips 47-49.5 Inch (120-126 cm)

Size 1X belly 42-44,(107-112 cm), Hips 49-51 Inch (125-130 cm)

Size 2X belly 45-48,(114-122 cm), Hips 51-52.5 Inch(130-134 cm)

Size 3X belly 48-51,(122-129 cm), Hips 52.5-55 Inch (134-140 cm)       

Long Swim Skirt With Leggings Attached

$99.00 Regular Price
$79.00Sale Price
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