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Full cover, modest sport and swim suit for women, comprised of  past-the-knee tunic, a padded bra, leggings, and a matching swim cap. 
The sleeves are 3/4 length .

You may choose between  3/4 length, or full length tights, for NO additional cost
The swimsuit reaches the knee of a very tall woman (about 5' 11''), and will cover the knee of an average/short woman. 
Fits swim sets are made of high-quality Italian fabrics, which are chlorine-proof and offer protection from UV rays. 
Please take a moment to look at our Sizes Chart !

XS Bust 33-36 Inch (84-92 cm) Hips 34.5-38 Inch (88-96 cm)
M Bust 36-38.5 Inch (92-98 cm) Hips 38-41 Inch (98-104 cm)
L Bust 39-41.5 Inch (100-106 cm) Hips 41-45 Inch (106-114 cm)
XL Bust 41-43 Inch (104-110 cm) Hips 44-46.5 Inch (112-118 cm)
XO Bust 42.5-45 Inch (108-114 cm) Hips 47-49.5 Inch (120-126 cm)
X2 Bust 46-48 Inch (117-123 cm) Hips 51-52.5 Inch(130-134 cm)
X3 Bust 48.5-52 Inch (124-133 cm) Hips 52.5-55 Inch (134-140 cm)

4 Piece Long Swim Set - Black and Pink Tunic

$169.00 Regular Price
$118.00Sale Price
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